Who are we?

CatchingLight Photography & Art is the creation of Terje and Rahina Røst. Both are resident near Oslo and are delighted to take up photography assignments almost anywhere!

Terje has established a solid reputation as a photographer. He has had several public exhibitions with both landscape photos and portraits. He also has a permanent exhibition at Akershus University Hospital. His work ranges from special "Limited editions" with motifs of sea and landscape, as well as architecture, to weddings, baptisms, confirmations and other important occasions. His special style and understanding of composition are important factors in the creation of wonderful photography of people and places. He is thus the go-to photographer for landscapes which give a refreshing perspective. As for capturing special moments in his clients' lives, the feedback from clients probably says it all.

Rahina started working with cameras at BBC Scotland. Since then, despite moving along other paths she has continued to photograph people and nature. She is passionate about capturing moments and emotions and has a photo-journalist style to her photography. Terje and Rahina work together on assignments with Rahina taking 2nd photographer role and providing direction as required. When not doing photography, she is painting or teaching!